Online Nursing Certification Classes

Are you interested in becoming a Registered Nurse, but concerned about how to get started earning your certification? Do you feel as though most programs in your area won’t work with your schedule? For those requiring flexibility, finding nursing certification classes online is the perfect solution.

If you’re caring for a family, working another job, or simply can’t find a location near you, getting an online degree has innumerable benefits. Online courses allow you to go through the certification program at your own pace, and working on the materials when you have the time to focus on what you’re reading rather than rushing to take an exam you haven’t had a moment to study for can only strengthen your confidence and abilities.

Benefits of Online Nursing Certification Classes

Online nursing courses also allow students to communicate with other students and practicing nurses from across the country, (and even globe) allowing for a variety of experiences and perspectives that a traditional classroom environment just can’t always offer. Networking and making contacts is certainly possible in an online classroom, and meeting those over the internet who are involved in different practices and have a diversity of opinion can give you the upper hand when you enter the job market. You can also apply for cna classes online if you are not ready to become a registered nurse.

Most often, online education in Nursing Certification ensures that students are comfortable, learning in the best environment for them, and going through the materials at their own pace. There is no reason your current schedule should get in the way of your goals for your future career as a Registered Nurse.

Above all, it is the quality of the education you’re getting, and the time you invest in putting your best foot forward, that matters far more than whether or not you’re in a physical classroom setting. Online learning still allows for communication with professors (often, it’s far easier to respond quickly to an email than it is to find time to meet on a busy and crowded campus) and other students through programs like skype, conference calls, course modules, and many others.

National Nursing Requirements and Standards of Performance

If you want to obtain your license as a nurse, you must pass the NCLEX-RN for registered nursing or the NCLEX-PN for practical nursing. This examination is made up by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). Every state has a board of nursing, and each state legislature has passed a Nurse Practice Act (NPA). The NPA in each state sets education program standards, requirements to obtain a license, types of licenses and titles, standards of nursing practice and more. This creates the laws of nursing practice.

National Nursing Requirements

The NCSBN makes up the exams based on current practices. It is a non-profit body made up of members of each state’s board of nursing. The state gives the examination and details can be found at the NCSBN.

For each specialty in nursing there are published national standards. They can be found at the professional organizations for each specialty. For example, the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners or the American Nurses Association all have standards of practice published.

American Nurses Credentialing Center is a certifying body for these specialties: adult health, adult psychiatric and mental health, child/adolescent psychiatric and mental health, advanced diabetes management, acute care, pediatrics and gerontological home care.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) maintains a strict code of ethics for nurses. It sets the standard for nursing behavior. The code is non-negotiable. Tenets of the code as published by the ANA include the following:

1. Respect for human dignity
2. Standards for relationships with patients
3. Standards for relationships with colleagues and others
4. Professional boundaries
5. Protection of the rights of privacy and confidentiality
6. Performance standards and reviews
7. Health as a universal right
8. Accountability
9. Conflicts of interest
10.Duties to self and others
11.Obligation to advance health and human rights
12.Integrating social justice

These and more are found in the Code for Nurses with Interpretive Statements at the ANA.

How Reputable are Online Nursing Programs?

Choosing to attend school online is a decision that many people make. They opt to take these types of courses so that they do not physically have to travel to the school, which is suitable for people who live a great distance from colleges or who have myriad other responsibilities. Also, online nursing programs allow people to complete coursework during their own time. However, individuals must make sure programs are reputable before applying.

Online Nursing Programs

When researching online nursing programs or online classes for cna training, interested parties should make sure that the program is accredited. An accredited program is the only type that is going to land a person with a job. Most, if not all, employers do not want to accept candidates who have a degree from a university with accreditation. Therefore, that is the first step when looking into online nursing programs. If the program does not have accreditation, then it must be taken off of the list.

Interested individuals should also see if the program is associated with a reputable college. Some schools are solely online, and they do not have any physical classes. However, that is not the case with all of them. Sometimes a traditional college or university will offer some of its programs or some of the classes associated with a particular program over the internet. Interested people can feel a greater sense of confidence when the online program is associated with a well-known school.

People who want to become nurses should also find out how these online nursing programs account for the practical elements of a career as a nurse. Nurses generally need to engage in some lab opportunities or internships in order to receive the real-life experience that they need to work in the field. If the program does not offer these opportunities, potential candidate should really consider looking into other ones. When they try to find a job as a nurse and have no practical experience to back up their degree, they may find that they run into an array of problems. A strong nursing program is a well-rounded one that prepares students for life in the field of nursing.


A Day In The Life Of A Nursing Aide

Being a nursing aide or nursing assistant (CNA) is one of the most rewarding yet most demanding jobs. It is not a job for just any person off the street. A nurse’s assistant must show compassion, be patient, and handle any task that comes their way.

Life as A Nursing Aide

The days can be long and can leave you completely exhausted. But at the end of the 12 hour shift you know you have made a difference in someone’s life. You helped a man who couldn’t shave his own face feel like a human again by doing it for him. You adjusted a woman who was just skin and bones turn every two hours so she didn’t get sores. You cut someone’s food into tiny bite so they could enjoy the taste without getting choked. You made a difference in every resident’s life in those 12 hours of yours.

A nursing assistant is the backbone of the facility. Everyone relies on them, from the doctors who pass down direction to RN’s who then pass it down to you to handle. To the housekeeping and laundry team to requires the nursing assistants to clean the soiled laundry before sending it down or cleaning the urine off the floor before they can mop.

The job means being on your feet almost the entire time you are at work and sometimes even means you yourself have to go without breaks because there is someone there that needs help more than you need a break. Each and every day will bring new adventures and challenges at which the nurses assistant will greet with open arms because this is what they live for. They live for their residents, they are there to help them with any situation and to let them know they are safe even if they feel so far away from home.

Nursing assistants will hold the hands of family members comforting them in times of heart break that come with the job. Explain to an Alzheimer’s patient that everything is okay. They are the ones who keep everything running smoothly and safely. It is the most rewarding job in health care. If you are interested in CNA classes for certification, there are many different options available to you.